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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 28, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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we post a lot of original content. we're looking out for you on twitter as well. we're back to you next sunday, 1:00 and 5:00 eastern for the latest buzz. new air strikes pounding targets in iraq and syria, jets hitting isis control and command centers. this following two days of attacks by isis as the coalition now tries to turn back the gains of the islamic terrorists. hello, everyone and welcome to america's nude headquarters. >> the aerial campaign gains new momentum as great britain joins the battle. the white house today rejecting comparisons to the iraq war and defending the president's claim last year that the core of al qaeda was defeated.
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chris wall laace today speaking the president's national secure advis advisor. >> the president's exactly right, this is totally different than the last decade. we're not sending hundreds of thousands of troops. >> as u.s. led coalition forces like you said continue striking isis fighters over the weekend, lawmakers here are growing more vocal on the president's position to launch strikes against a group without congressional approval. house speaker john boehner says he along with some military experts do not believe that the administration's strategy of solely airpower will wipe out the terror network. boots on the ground, he says, should not be ruled out completely. >> the other day, i think this is going to take more than air strikes to dry them out of there. at some point, somebody's boots have to be on the ground. >> we have a ground force on the ground, the iraqi security forces, the peshmerga forces as
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well. >> deputy national security advisor was on the offensive dismissing comparison to the long wars in iraq and afghanistan, ruling out thousands of men and women on the ground in combat. >> we're not going to be spending trillions of american dollars. they will be doing the fighting on the ground went can't want it more than they i do. >> we're also hearing more from to the public, a new "wall street journal" as well as nbc news poll shows more than 7 in 10 americans say the united states will end up using it's own combat troops against isis militants in iraq and syria. it also said that 45% of americans would favor ground troops if the military determined it was the best way to defeat isis army. now to another islamic radical threat, iran and a bomb.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will lay out his case to the u.n. national security -- iran has devices that can only be used in a nuclear bomb. iran as constructed a nuclear weaponization test site which includes a special container that enabled it to conduct exmosts that served to test critical components for nuclear decisions. this is iran has refused to let u.n. nuclear inspectors into their facility. the former ambassador to the u.n., and fox contributor, senior fellow at the enterprise institu institute. new tron devices, what do you think the israely rev laigs means? >> i think we have known for ten years that iran had a
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weaponization program and it wasn't -- it's an armor and artillery base, it's a research center for the iranian revolutionary and military guards corps, critical to creating a device that they can deliver somewhere and actually get the chain reaction, they have to be able to take the enriched uranium and turn it into a critical mass. that's what we're talking about here, this is not nuclear reactions as such. it's the use of high explosives and simultaneous electrical charges to impoed the hollow sphere of enriched uranium that creates the critical mass. that's why they haven't let the international atomic energy association in for years despite repeated requests to get in because say the iranians it's not there. >> at the same time as you notice, they've barred the weapons inspectors, they say they don't want to bomb, they're doing this for peaceful
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purposes. how does that play into the potential agreement that could come on november 24. >> i'm very worried about this, i think all the signs out are there, including carefully calculated leaks to the news media from the white house. the most amazing revelation from the white house is that as they approach this deal that they're trying to sign with iran, what they're saying is, we want enough protection, we want enough lead time to know when the iranians violate it so that we can then take some further unspecified action. in other words, even before the deal is signed, the administration's whole negotiation strategy is pitched toward finding out when iran violates it. that's not nearly enough. the administration position, you can believe this is weaker than the position taken for the last eight years, but the united nations security county skill. and i think it's a real threat, i think it leaves iran in the cat bird seat. i think iran knows it. >> they're talking about keeping
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the uranium enrichment, what are they going to call a plumber and take out some of the pipes? that's what they're talking about now. >> if we have enough lead time to react once we know that iran is violating the agreement they haven't even signed yet, that's all the protection we'll need because then we can do something unspecified. what they when is military force although they don't want to say it, and i think it's likely that obama will use military force against iran's military program. this whole thing is a very dangerous charade intended to allow the obama administration to declare victory and move on to something else. >> talking about moving on to something else, you've got isis and iran potentially using isis as leverage in the nuclear talks. >> i think what obama wants to do is get back to his favorite
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top pick which is domestic policy. but when he spoke to the ungeneral assembly last week. he said if a few people will lay off the sanctions and ease up on that you are nuclear program, we can find ways to be helpful to you with respect to isis, but if you don't, we won't. and i think that's the kind of tactics that the obama administration is very vulnerable to. it has implications both negative implications for the united states, both with respect to the iranian nuclear program and with respect to isis. >> friday afternoon they had a meeting at the u.n. that broke up without any agreement. finally ambassador, what do you see happening over the next few weeksow this will play into our fight with isis? >> i think very little will happen on the nuclear negotiation front until after the american election, that worries me in particular, but i don't see yet still any strategy really by the obama administration to accomplish the objective that he himself has set forth to destroy isis, i
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think this looks very much like rolling isis back out of iraq, strengthening the hand of the government in baghdad, which is effectively an iranian surrogate at this point and not really having any ability to deal with isis in iraq, which is a smaller state, but nevertheless, a magnet for international terrorists. >> the clock is ticking until that two-month deadline. right now, authorities in ferguson, missouri frantically scorching for two men after a police officer was shot last night. he was hit in the arm and is expected to be okay. it happened when the officer approached the men near a close community center. the officer says the men then ran and opened fire. the police chief does not believe the shooting is related to the recent turmoil in the area. >> i don't think it is.
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it didn't happen within the proximity of the protest area, this is an area that's fairly secluded and i wouldn't have any reason to believe right now that it was linked in any way, shape, manner or form with the process. it certainly doesn't appear that way. >> in early august an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by a white police officer. man, oh, man is it raining out west. there's been flash flooding at a state park in cottonwood, arizona. left several hikers stranded. it took about three hours for the waters to recede so the rescue teams could get people out safely. near maricopa county, a powerful storm struck the region. one man stunned to see a tree that smashed his car. >> i was kind of looking up at the window because she was taking a nap. but there was no visibility and
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it was really loud and it just really sounded like a small tornado. >> how would you like that? well, thousands of homings have been left without power so far. but rain has even caused delays at the phoenix airport. fox news alert on the investigation of a vicious attack in america's heart land. police in oklahoma say the man who allegedly beheaded a woman at a food processing plant has regained consciousness and will be charged with murder. this as police releasted the 911 calls from the incident. >> can u you hear this in the background? >> is that him? he's back? >> yeah, it sounds like he's running on out here. >> and that's a gunshot. >> here's the latest from our new york city newsroom. >> reporter: with oklahoma county da david prater is saying is that alton nowlan should have
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been in prison all along. he served two years of a six-year prison sentence, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine and assaulting a police officer. he was released in march 2013, thanks to plea agreements and good conduct. last night geraldo rivera spoke to the oklahoma highway patrol officer who was injured while attempting to arrest nowlan back in 2010. >> as soon as i realized a what was going on and they said that he possibly beheaded somebody, i got goose bumps all over my body, all i can do is thank god that he didn't kill me when he had a chance to do so, later when i was able to think about it, that i was overcome with guilt that i didn't take the opportunity to kill when i had the chance to do so. >> nowlan was fired and then walked into the main distribution center. he beheaded 54-year-old colleen hufford and stabbed 34-year-old
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tracey johnson. the ceo of the company shot nowlan and is credited with saving tracey's life. police are classifying the crime as work place violence, but critics who was shot seven times by nadal hassan in the ft. hood attack in 2001, believes it is terrorism. >> the more that we say that it is a work place violence incident, they're going to continue to have people acting in this howard disway until we treat it for what it really is. it's basically a slap in the face. it's almost as if the victims of this horrific thing that happened, it's like they don't even matter. they just want to hang a tag of workplace violence on it. >> the fbi is investigating nowlan's potential ties to lad kl islam after co-workers say that nowlan was trying to convert them to islam.
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huge plumes of gas, covering the surrounded area with so much ash, one climber said he was enveloped in total darkness. 250 people were trapped on those slopes but most managed to get down. the last major eruption happened back in 1979. the u.s.-led coalition against isis expanding its air strikes in the area around the syrian-turkish border. solver -- republican congressman mike pompeii owe had this to say earlier on sunday morning futures. >> glad that the president has finally taken action, i would characterize his strikes so far as too little and at least a couple of years behind schedule. these are attacks that are necessary, thigh have but again
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to take out isis's capacity to generate wealth. but there needs to be a strategy dr developed around these strikes so we can win. >> good to see you, congressman. >> thank you. you're welcome to the do you think that councilman pompeii o has a point and would what a winning strategy comprise? >> i agree with mike pompe ooero, he's really an expert on this. we have to have sustained air strikes, we have to understand is that syria controls a land mass the size of great britain.m this is very, very small in the overpicture. we have to have massive sustained air tacks, we should have more countries involved and the president should stop talking about what he's not going to do and i think he has
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to convince other countries that he's in this for the long haul. this is going to be a tough, hard fight. >> a tough, hard fight for shower, congressman, let's go to those europe upon leaders and -- they're okay and on board with military cooperation in iraq, so is it that the situation in syria is so complex, that perhaps that's why they're reluctant or perhaps those european leaders are waiting for the u.s. to just carry the weight or is it something else? >> well, many european countries do not have very adequate military force to be honest about it. during the kosovo war, the u.s. carried out 95% of the missions even though all of the european countries, almost all of the nato countries committed support. but part of the problem we have here in syria is that president obama said he was going to launch air strikes in syria, and at the last minute he backed away. i know a number of countries, their concern is if they are
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going to get committed, if they are going to build up popular opposition back at home, are they confident that president obama is going to stick this out? if they're going to make a commitment, they want to make sure he's going to be there, so i think they're going wait and see, if he's going to carry out more -- >> what happens in the process of waiting? >> in the process, as mike pompeo said, what we're doing, we're knocking them back a bit, but we're not scoring any strategic victory whatsoever, and we have to keepa in mind and do all we can to get these allies on board. >> and congressman also said that those air strikes now happening on the turish-syria border did in fact strike some of the possibility of isis's capacity to create wealth, i mean is that some level of progress? ma progress, but not near the progress we're going to need if we're going to win this, and no,
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a group of shiite rebels from the mountainous north who are allied with iran. capping a 10-year campaign with seized parliament and other government key buildings. they are enemies of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, and it was an offshoot of that group that claimed responsibility get for yesterday's rpg attack. the obama administration cites yemen as a model of counter terrorism success. despite the fact that the united states was forced to evacuate key personnel from the embassy. >> we're seeing the effective deployment of a counter terrorism strategy to put continual pressure on extreme us groups who want to do harm to thezrhñ united states. it has prevented those dream. >> state department folks person general sakis is calling on them
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to return to quote, medium and heavy weapons that the group has captured at the hands of the central government. okay, james and aaron, the cdc issuing a dire new warning about ebola, why federal health officials are saying the virus could end up infecting millions of people by the new year. sunday house call ask up next with everything you need to know. stick around for that.
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time now for sunday house call. >> and hello, i'm eric shaun, joining us us as always, dr. mark siegel. he's the author of the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health. >> and chairman and professor of your rolling and chief of robotic surgery. good to see you, doctors. we start with some startling news from the cdc, they have issued a stark warning about the ebola outbreak. they say that ebola could affect


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